Brotherly Love

In the April issue of Canadian Family magazine, there’s a wonderful story about a Vancouver volunteer named Tom Everitt who has been a Big Brother, through Big Brothers and Big Sisters, since 2002.    In the article ‘Brotherly Love’, written by Robin Stevenson, Everitt speaks proudly of his Little Brother and the great young man that he … Continue reading

Lent Got Me Thinking

Here at The Happy Life, we like to celebrate cultural and religious diversity.  We look to a wide range of sources for wisdom and tips on living a happier and more fulfilled life. Currently, we are within the 40 day period – Ash Wednesday to Easter – which is known in the Christian faith as Lent.   According to … Continue reading

those who inspire us: Chelsey Kovacs

It is always inspiring when we look around and see people who have committed their time and energy to volunteer work. My very good friend Chelsey is one of those people. Chelsey has been volunteering at the Lincoln County Humane Society since July 2009  and spends about 2 hours a week socializing the cats at the shelter. … Continue reading