passion and adventure

I believe that no one can be happy living a life of conformity and routine.   Life is far too important to be lived without passion and adventure.   Danika and I dedicated a category on this blog to the exploration of the world around us, because we find that our lives are enriched by new experiences.    Is there … Continue reading

Park Talk

Earlier this year, a group of residents in the town of Elora, Ontario decided to have a say in what would become of a vacant lot in their downtown neighbourhood.   The space in question is a former gas station at the corner of Metcalfe & Mill Streets, and these residents would like to see it turned into a beautiful park.     So…they have … Continue reading

baker in training

Learning new things is a fun way to spend time with friends and bring a little excitement to everyday life. Since November, I have taken classes for cake decorating, photography, Thai cooking, and most recently I attended a Martini mixing class! It was a fun, interactive class and sampling the martinis was a sweet bonus … Continue reading

free money

Don’t you love finding money in the coat you haven’t worn since last season? Or the purse you haven’t used in a while? A certain company is delivering 1,000 of those happy moments to Torontonians as you read this! A few months ago I wrote about a marketing trend that caught my attention – Random … Continue reading

Theatre Review: Billy Elliot, The Musical

We are fortunate to live in a city that offers so much variety in terms of arts and entertainment.   Last Tuesday, I joined a group of friends at the Canon Theatre to watch Billy Elliot, The Musical.   I had seen the movie of the same name, produced in 2000, upon which the musical is based.   This … Continue reading

tap into your imagination

Most of my childhood years were spent playing make believe.    I would use blankets over furniture to create tents in which I lived imaginary adventures.   Visiting the dentist’s office would inspire me to play receptionist, taking calls and scribbling appointments in my calendar.    My brother and I would wear horse riding helmets and use our living room couch as an imaginary horse.  Whether it … Continue reading

benefits of sleep

  Sleep and I have a love/hate relationship. I often think of the time spent sleeping as time wasted – time that could be spent being productive. For the most part,  I have never really focused on getting a proper amount of rest each and every night. That was until it became very clear that sleep … Continue reading

art imitating life?

In a great class I took at York University recently, I struggled with an assignment that required me to write about the art in my neighbourhood.     I couldn’t find anything in my suburban neighbourhood to write about.  By contrast, I took a stroll along Queen West last weekend and felt immersed in the creative imagination of … Continue reading

source of happiness

“There can be no sense of security in your existence when it depends upon outside factors, for the unpredictable changes of reality can never be controlled.  The solution is to find a source of happiness beyond pleasure, since pleasure seeking can never be independent of outside stimulus.” From  The Path to Love by Deepak Chopra

dress for success

Opportunities to contribute to a good cause are not hard to find but very rarely do they fall into your lap with perfect timing. Funny enough, shortly after posting about my wardrobe-purging goals I received an email regarding a Dress for Success corporate donation drive. For those of you not yet familiar with Dress for … Continue reading