happiness is…sweet traditions

Ever since my brother brought a box of fresh pastries from his local bakery to a family brunch, we have been hooked.   Simple, unpretentious and delicious, they are the perfect complement to quality time with my family.   Of course everything tastes better when shared with loved ones. Happiness is…making sweet traditions. Look for these tasty treats at Epi Breads  Advertisements

happiness is …

It’s a rainy day in Toronto and I am reminded of a rainy day many years ago when my best friend and I took refuge in the Starbucks at Yonge and Davisville.   I remember us staying there for hours…taking sips of our cappuccino’s, catching up on the latest gossip, watching the passersby, and most of all…giggling.   All while … Continue reading

share the Valentine’s love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Although Valentine’s Day traditionally focuses on couples and romance, we don’t necessarily agree that today has to be solely about your one true love. Why not extend your Valentine horizons and share some love with your friends, family, and co-workers? Today can also be a day to remember how important it is … Continue reading

ricardo’s hot chocolate

It seems as though everyone in North America was enjoying a snow day on Wednesday while I, on the other hand, was at work doing my best to keep dry and warm. A friend of mine suggested I sip hot chocolate to stay cozy but I couldn’t help wishing I was doing so on my couch rather than in … Continue reading

let’s remember

No two snowflakes are identical.  This has been scientifically proven. Consider all of the snow we’ve had across the globe this winter.  Now consider that no two snowflakes have been alike. While we were shoveling our driveways, missing flights and buying new snow tires, we forgot that Life is a Miracle.   The little snowflake reminds us…Life is a Miracle! … Continue reading

children’s wisdom

I know an adorable 2 year old.   When he enters the house, he doesn’t walk.  He runs.  And he jumps up and down with excitement when he gets to watch, for the second time, a movie he finished watching.  His laughter warms the heart and is contagious. I have much to learn from this little … Continue reading

recipe for a merry christmas

Ingredients: 1 dozen awesome people 1 cozy home in the country Generous dose of hospitality and kindness 2 cups children’s laughter Splash of homemade decor and presents Instructions: In a cozy home in the country, mix awesome people, hospitality and kindness, and children’s laughter.   Garnish with a splash of homemade Christmas decor and presents.   Serve with … Continue reading

every day

Once in a while you read something that really sticks with you and literally pops back into your head on a daily basis. A couple months ago I came across a quote that did just this – stuck right in my little brain and it hasn’t gone anywhere since. Here she is: “Every day may … Continue reading

birds on wire

Some days as I drive to work, I come across this beautiful sight.  I wonder what the lives of these pigeons must be like.   Are the ones sitting close to one another best friends?  What’s the deal with the one who’s sitting all alone?  I once heard that a man made musical notes from a … Continue reading