paper boats

Here is a story that is just perfect for The Happy Life.  I am currently enrolled in a Presentation course at York University.   A classmate of mine, Sam, recently told us about a special experiment she initiated earlier this summer.    She explained the goal of her experiment: “I wanted to see if we could turn … Continue reading

happiness is …

It’s a rainy day in Toronto and I am reminded of a rainy day many years ago when my best friend and I took refuge in the Starbucks at Yonge and Davisville.   I remember us staying there for hours…taking sips of our cappuccino’s, catching up on the latest gossip, watching the passersby, and most of all…giggling.   All while … Continue reading

those who inspire us: Kim D

Each of my friends inspires me in their own way. Some inspire me to be more thoughtful. Some inspire me to be more positive. And others inspire me to be more adventurous and outgoing. My friend Kim inspires me to be all of these things because she is all of these things – thoughtful, adventurous … Continue reading

the dash

Writing for The Happy Life has taught me that positive inspiration can come from unexpected places. A gentleman I met recently in a gathering shared a heartfelt personal story.   He spoke lovingly of his stepfather who had passed away several months back.  He proudly recalled his experience at the funeral when he discovered all of … Continue reading

Park Talk

Earlier this year, a group of residents in the town of Elora, Ontario decided to have a say in what would become of a vacant lot in their downtown neighbourhood.   The space in question is a former gas station at the corner of Metcalfe & Mill Streets, and these residents would like to see it turned into a beautiful park.     So…they have … Continue reading

free money

Don’t you love finding money in the coat you haven’t worn since last season? Or the purse you haven’t used in a while? A certain company is delivering 1,000 of those happy moments to Torontonians as you read this! A few months ago I wrote about a marketing trend that caught my attention – Random … Continue reading

dress for success

Opportunities to contribute to a good cause are not hard to find but very rarely do they fall into your lap with perfect timing. Funny enough, shortly after posting about my wardrobe-purging goals I received an email regarding a Dress for Success corporate donation drive. For those of you not yet familiar with Dress for … Continue reading

CBC Radio One & Matt Galloway

I spend a lot of time in my car during the week.  What makes my drive happy is CBC Radio One.  I am impressed, on a daily basis, by the range and quality of programming they deliver.   And I applaud them for their high standards in journalism.  Not only do they keep my mind off … Continue reading

Aaaaah Spring!

The snow has melted.  Trees are starting to bloom.  My neighbourhood birds are chirping proudly.  And mischievous squirrels are back in action.   Everywhere you look; there are signs that remind us of the rebirth and renewal of nature. For the past 3,000 years or so, the arrival of Spring has marked the first day of the new … Continue reading

Brotherly Love

In the April issue of Canadian Family magazine, there’s a wonderful story about a Vancouver volunteer named Tom Everitt who has been a Big Brother, through Big Brothers and Big Sisters, since 2002.    In the article ‘Brotherly Love’, written by Robin Stevenson, Everitt speaks proudly of his Little Brother and the great young man that he … Continue reading