5 things school taught me about happiness

In 1997, I was forced to leave university and begin full time work.  Over the years, I have continued my education by taking evening courses whenever possible.  Well, over a decade later, on July 28th 2011, I attended my very last class at York University. I am very excited (and definitely ready) to celebrate my graduation! … Continue reading

baker in training

Learning new things is a fun way to spend time with friends and bring a little excitement to everyday life. Since November, I have taken classes for cake decorating, photography, Thai cooking, and most recently I attended a Martini mixing class! It was a fun, interactive class and sampling the martinis was a sweet bonus … Continue reading

pancake perseverance

Tuesday, March 8th was Pancake Tuesday and for the first time in my entire life I was going to make pancakes from scratch. Up until that point I had always relied on Aunt Jemima but Pancake Tuesday was the perfect opportunity to break away from the instant mix solution.  My recipe had a simple list … Continue reading

CBC Radio One & Matt Galloway

I spend a lot of time in my car during the week.  What makes my drive happy is CBC Radio One.  I am impressed, on a daily basis, by the range and quality of programming they deliver.   And I applaud them for their high standards in journalism.  Not only do they keep my mind off … Continue reading

chapters: The Happiness Project (Intro)

I recently posted about Gretchen Rubin’s Secrets of Adulthood and when I saw her book, The Happiness Project, on sale at Amazon.ca I had to order it. Cut to a couple weeks later and I’m absolutely addicted. From the very first page Gretchen strikes that fine balance between educating and entertaining the reader. She writes … Continue reading

Budgeting for Happiness

Financial experts recommend creating a budget to achieve what is important…pay off debts, save for children’s education, prepare for retirement, etc.    I’m here to recommend that you take stock of your discretionary budget…no matter how small…to see if it’s helping you achieve greater happiness!   This is something I discovered recently when I decided to make … Continue reading

thai cooking class with el gastronomo

Learning, learning, learning. As I have mentioned previously, this is the name of the game for me in 2011. This past Sunday I stuck to my game plan and made my way out to St. Catharine’s for a private cooking class with my good friend Chelsey. The cooking class was done by Adam and Tamara … Continue reading

step by step

One of my goals in 2011 is to learn new things. I have read that this is a key to happiness and personally agree that an active brain is a happy brain.  I got a head start on this goal and took a photography course at the end of 2010. The workshop was a one-day … Continue reading

happiest moment

This is my homage to Danika’s “every day” blog.  A great tip for focusing on the positive is to write down the happiest moment of your day every night before going to bed.    Some days, the happiest moment will be obvious and momentous; while on other days, it will be difficult to identify.  Do not fret.  You … Continue reading

icing on the cake

Way back in November my friend Chelsey and I enrolled in a Cake Decorating course. We originally met at our post-secondary institution of choice and decided it was time to get back in the classroom together. The class was great and we learned basic baking and decorating techniques while sharing quite a few laughs. That’s … Continue reading