paper boats

Here is a story that is just perfect for The Happy Life.  I am currently enrolled in a Presentation course at York University.   A classmate of mine, Sam, recently told us about a special experiment she initiated earlier this summer.    She explained the goal of her experiment: “I wanted to see if we could turn … Continue reading

my happy places: St Jacobs

There is so much to see and do in Ontario during the summer that one can almost play tourist by staycationing here.   I plan to take advantage of the nice weather this summer by spending some of my weekends on day trips.   At the suggestion of a friend, I’m calling this series of blogs “my happy places”.      The happy place that I would … Continue reading

il dolce far niente

Throughout the ages, all across the world, humans have found the right language to describe their life experiences.   The existence (or absence) of a word or expression in a certain language signifies something about that culture. In the book Eat, Pray, Love, I was introduced to the Italian expression “il dolce far niente”, for which there … Continue reading

second chances

In the May issue of Flare magazine, there’s a great article by Hannah Sung – former MuchMusic VJ – entitled Second Chances.   She writes about our fascination with stories of people who get a second chance in life.   While waiting for a second chance (that may never come) is one way to live one’s life, … Continue reading

passion and adventure

I believe that no one can be happy living a life of conformity and routine.   Life is far too important to be lived without passion and adventure.   Danika and I dedicated a category on this blog to the exploration of the world around us, because we find that our lives are enriched by new experiences.    Is there … Continue reading

art imitating life?

In a great class I took at York University recently, I struggled with an assignment that required me to write about the art in my neighbourhood.     I couldn’t find anything in my suburban neighbourhood to write about.  By contrast, I took a stroll along Queen West last weekend and felt immersed in the creative imagination of … Continue reading

Film Review: The Bucket List

The Bucket List is a 2007 film, which I happened to watch this week.   I’m not exactly the right demographic for this film and you may be wondering why I’m writing about it, 4 years later.    There are two reasons for this film review: 1. Inspiration can come from anywhere.   The Bucket List was a good reminder that life should … Continue reading

Bobbette & Belle Patisserie

The cool weather is slowly making an exit and the prematurely opened patios are proof that this is an exciting time of year for Canadians.  The beautiful weather on Sunday was nothing less than a sign to get out of the house and explore more of the city. This time I took my travels to … Continue reading

Lent Got Me Thinking

Here at The Happy Life, we like to celebrate cultural and religious diversity.  We look to a wide range of sources for wisdom and tips on living a happier and more fulfilled life. Currently, we are within the 40 day period – Ash Wednesday to Easter – which is known in the Christian faith as Lent.   According to … Continue reading

finding balance

I don’t know when it happened exactly.  It obviously didn’t occur over night.  It must have been a gradual change over the past 20-30 years.         Our parents’ generation didn’t complain about a shortage of time.  They did not struggle to find balance.  This is a fairly new phenomenon.  Nowadays it’s common for us to … Continue reading