5 things school taught me about happiness

In 1997, I was forced to leave university and begin full time work.  Over the years, I have continued my education by taking evening courses whenever possible.  Well, over a decade later, on July 28th 2011, I attended my very last class at York University.

I am very excited (and definitely ready) to celebrate my graduation!

Looking back at this experience, I realize that I have learned important lessons along the way about myself and life in general:

1.  Set personal goals

Having goals that belong to you and are not reliant on others is important for your self development.   It is important to believe in yourself and your abilities.   Achieving your personal goals will give you a satisfaction, confidence and happiness that is like no other.

2. Follow your own path

My education path has been different from most people.  It’s important to know that you don’t have to do everything at the same time or in the same way as others.  Don’t be afraid to do what is right for you.

3. Stay focused

Given the snail pace of my studies, sometimes the end seemed too far to imagine.   Along the way, I had to make many sacrifices, but perseverance paid off.   I urge you to never give up when you are working on something that is important to you.

4. Do what you love

I absolutely loved the courses I took at York University.  For this reason, learning the material came naturally to me and I required less studying outside of class.   Being around like-minded people was also fantastic.  My wonderful professors and classmates made my time at York extremely enjoyable.   In fact, even though it has taken me so long to get my undergraduate degree, I am now dreaming of getting my Masters or even PHD one day.  This is what happens when you do what you love…you can’t get enough!

5. It’s never too late to follow your dreams

In my evening classes, I have come across very interesting people.   I have met single parents who work multiple jobs to put themselves through school.  And I have met elderly new immigrants who attend school with the enthusiasm and happiness of a young child.   I admire these people for overcoming their unique obstacles to do what they always wanted to do.   They are proof that no matter what your life circumstances, you can find a way to make your dreams a reality.

Going back to school has enriched my life in so many ways.  As you can tell, I am a big advocate of life-long learning.  I would be happy to chat with any of you who may be considering furthering your education.

3 Responses to “5 things school taught me about happiness”
  1. Nooshin says:

    I am so happy for you. I know how hard you have worked to achieve your goal. Best of luck

  2. Trista says:

    Thank you for your insight and advice, Bita
    Sometimes school and work makes me feel down but thanks for your wonderful encouragement!
    Take care <3

    • Bita says:

      Thanks for your feedback friends.

      Trista, hang in there…the great work you’re doing is so worth it! Just drop me a line whenever you need to be reminded of that. :)

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