paper boats

Here is a story that is just perfect for The Happy Life. 

I am currently enrolled in a Presentation course at York University.   A classmate of mine, Sam, recently told us about a special experiment she initiated earlier this summer.    She explained the goal of her experiment: “I wanted to see if we could turn any space into a space infused with positivity, to try to change its meaning, even if just for a few hours”.

How did Sam set out to do this?  Well, she made a number of colourful paper boats, placed them in a basket marked: “Please take one”, and left the basket next to the pond that is located in the main entrance of York University.   She also positioned two signs on either end of the reflecting pool which read: “All are welcome.  Let’s send a message of positivity”.  

The signs caught the attention of passersby and soon people were writing all kinds of wonderful sentiments on the boats and sailing them off into the pond.  As the event transpired, Sam made more and more paper boats.   Eventually, the pond was adorned with sparkling paper boats that shined like colourful jewels. 

The experiment was successful, not only in proving Sam’s theory that we can infuse any space with positivity, but also in demonstrating that the smallest gesture of goodness can have great manifestations.   Perhaps that’s what Sam meant about changing the meaning of a space.  Sam’s positive intentions had a ripple effect as strangers came together to send bright messages of hope and happiness into the universe.   

What an amazingly creative experiment.  Well done Sam and welcome to The Happy Life!      



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