my happy places: St Jacobs

There is so much to see and do in Ontario during the summer that one can almost play tourist by staycationing here.   I plan to take advantage of the nice weather this summer by spending some of my weekends on day trips.   At the suggestion of a friend, I’m calling this series of blogs “my happy places”.     

The happy place that I would like to tell you about today is St Jacobs farmers and antique market.   A 1.5 hour drive from Toronto, St Jacobs county is pretty easy to get to.   This large outdoor/indoor farmers market is considered to be the largest of its kind in Canada.   With a refreshing lemonade in hand, I strolled through the market last Saturday, taking in the lovely atmosphere.    

The antique market, which is housed in a building across the street from the farmers market, is where I spent majority of my day.   I enjoyed looking at all of the interesting things on display, and was reminded of my childhood home and my grandparents’ house.  Even though I was only window shopping this time, I was blown away by the affordable prices on well made antique furniture and handicrafts.  I would definitely recommend this antique market to anyone looking for a special treasure to call their own.    

All of this browsing made me very hungry and by lunch time, I was happy to locate the fresh perogies stand in the market.   The perogies were yummy and really hit the spot.   I only wish I had purchased some to take home with me.   With bags full of fresh local produce in hand, I was ready to head home, knowing that this was the first of many visits I would make to St Jacobs.  

To learn more about the St Jacobs farmers and antique market, please visit:


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