art imitating life?

In a great class I took at York University recently, I struggled with an assignment that required me to write about the art in my neighbourhood.     I couldn’t find anything in my suburban neighbourhood to write about. 

By contrast, I took a stroll along Queen West last weekend and felt immersed in the creative imagination of local artists.   It was fun exploring unique shops and restaurants and never knowing what was around the corner.   It was like travelling to a new place…a happy adventure.  

I don’t know about you, but I am happiest when I’m surrounded by art and creativity.   And this makes me wonder…how much does our environment influence the way we feel and act?  If we live a lifestyle marked by routine and rationality, can we find within us the ingredients for creativity?   Ingredients such as curiosity, fresh thinking and spontaneity?   If our days are predictable and recurring, can we truly be happy?

While you mull over these thoughts, please check out the website of one of my favourite Queen West stores:    Chatelet is a wonderful store to browse through for a unique gift or a timeless piece of furniture.

One Response to “art imitating life?”
  1. Wanda Whisman says:

    Well put Bita. Our enviroment does infuluence the we act and react Spontaneity is the key to creativity.

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