magical margot

Back in August I was lucky enough to spend a day with Style at Home’s Senior Design Editor, Margot Austin. Margot and her beautiful home in Tweed were the subject of a Christmas themed photo shoot. Although it was the end of summer, the shoot called for Margot to wear a sweater and look like she was dressed for the middle of winter. Unfortunately for Margot it just so happened that we were shooting on an extremely hot day, in a house with no air conditioning. Despite her discomfort, she was incredibly easy-going and happy – such a trooper!

The shoot was business-related but it was a complete pleasure to both meet and work with Margot. Consequently, I began following Margot on Twitter and I continue to read both her personal blog as well as her entries on Style at Home’s blog. Quite honestly, I believe I’m falling in love with her outlook on life!

This crush peaked on December 30th when Margot posted a blog entry titled ‘The Magic’.  In this post she declares that, in 2011, her mantra and gut-check for all things style will be:

“Where’s the f*#&@g Magic!?”

This got me thinking. Why not apply this gut-check to everyday life? The opportunities are endless but a few areas I can focus on include work projects, relationships, and wardrobe.  Adding the magic will likely require me to step outside of my comfort zone and think about things in a new way but I see this as a series of mini challenges that have the potential to bring small doses of improvement and excitement to daily tasks.

On Tuesday, while getting ready for work, I stood in front of the mirror trying to locate the magic in my outfit. No luck. It wasn’t there. I decided to add a flashy necklace to an otherwise ordinary (not-so-flashy) outfit and abracadabra – we had magic. A little extra effort went a long way.

My takeaway? Find more magic and read more Margot.

Next time you’re searching the web for some inspiring reading, I can assure you it can be found wherever Margot is sharing her thoughts. I recommend starting with ‘The Magic’.

Photo (of details in Margot’s Tweed home) sourced from Margot’s Site

One Response to “magical margot”
  1. margot says:

    hey Danika, Thanks for such a lovely tribute and post. I’ve been so delinquent in my blogging so my other resolution is to get at it more! I keep asking myself about the magic and I’ve found it a couple of times. Definitely going to keep up with that. What a crazy fun hot day that was in Aug. — very different from today as I leave this comment wearing a tuque inside to keep warm, fireplace roaring in the other room. And lastly, thanks for choosing that photo — one of my faves!

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