icing on the cake

Way back in November my friend Chelsey and I enrolled in a Cake Decorating course. We originally met at our post-secondary institution of choice and decided it was time to get back in the classroom together.

The class was great and we learned basic baking and decorating techniques while sharing quite a few laughs. That’s the nice thing about using the buddy system when trying new things – if you struggle with any part of it you can have a good laugh at yourselves and then move on, undiscouraged. That being said, I think we were both naturals! The fun thing about taking these general interest classes is the moment you are mid-project, looking at what you’ve created and realize: “Hmmm, I can actually do this!”

If you have the slightest interest in decorating cakes/cupcakes I strongly recommend taking a similar class – you’ll be amazed how easily you can create professional-looking baked goods! Michaels Craft Stores across the country (and beyond) offer 3 Wilton technique courses. Check in with your local store for monthly schedules.

One Response to “icing on the cake”
  1. chelsey says:

    i had a fabulous time in the class with you. more-so because it was with you and we laughed and laughed. it was good for the heart. (as long as you didnt eat the cakes)

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