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5 things school taught me about happiness

In 1997, I was forced to leave university and begin full time work.  Over the years, I have continued my education by taking evening courses whenever possible.  Well, over a decade later, on July 28th 2011, I attended my very last class at York University. I am very excited (and definitely ready) to celebrate my graduation! … Continue reading

paper boats

Here is a story that is just perfect for The Happy Life.  I am currently enrolled in a Presentation course at York University.   A classmate of mine, Sam, recently told us about a special experiment she initiated earlier this summer.    She explained the goal of her experiment: “I wanted to see if we could turn … Continue reading

happiness is…sweet traditions

Ever since my brother brought a box of fresh pastries from his local bakery to a family brunch, we have been hooked.   Simple, unpretentious and delicious, they are the perfect complement to quality time with my family.   Of course everything tastes better when shared with loved ones. Happiness is…making sweet traditions. Look for these tasty treats at Epi Breads 

my happy places: St Jacobs

There is so much to see and do in Ontario during the summer that one can almost play tourist by staycationing here.   I plan to take advantage of the nice weather this summer by spending some of my weekends on day trips.   At the suggestion of a friend, I’m calling this series of blogs “my happy places”.      The happy place that I would … Continue reading

il dolce far niente

Throughout the ages, all across the world, humans have found the right language to describe their life experiences.   The existence (or absence) of a word or expression in a certain language signifies something about that culture. In the book Eat, Pray, Love, I was introduced to the Italian expression “il dolce far niente”, for which there … Continue reading

happiness is …

It’s a rainy day in Toronto and I am reminded of a rainy day many years ago when my best friend and I took refuge in the Starbucks at Yonge and Davisville.   I remember us staying there for hours…taking sips of our cappuccino’s, catching up on the latest gossip, watching the passersby, and most of all…giggling.   All while … Continue reading

Christopher Plummer’s Passion

I recently listened to Jian Ghomeshi’s interview with 81 year old Canadian actor Christopher Plummer and found Plummer’s perspective on ‘work’ fascinating. Ghomeshi started out by reading the list of projects Plummer is currently involved in and asked: “I get pleasantly exhausted reading what you’ve been up to lately.  What fuels you to work so hard these days?”  Plummer responded:  “First of all … Continue reading

those who inspire us: Kim D

Each of my friends inspires me in their own way. Some inspire me to be more thoughtful. Some inspire me to be more positive. And others inspire me to be more adventurous and outgoing. My friend Kim inspires me to be all of these things because she is all of these things – thoughtful, adventurous … Continue reading

the dash

Writing for The Happy Life has taught me that positive inspiration can come from unexpected places. A gentleman I met recently in a gathering shared a heartfelt personal story.   He spoke lovingly of his stepfather who had passed away several months back.  He proudly recalled his experience at the funeral when he discovered all of … Continue reading

second chances

In the May issue of Flare magazine, there’s a great article by Hannah Sung – former MuchMusic VJ – entitled Second Chances.   She writes about our fascination with stories of people who get a second chance in life.   While waiting for a second chance (that may never come) is one way to live one’s life, … Continue reading